Jack Hodgson

Jack Hodgson is a writer, technology evangelist, special-events and digital-media producer, lecturer, aviation essayist, and novice "maker".

In 1984 Jack was the Founding Director of the legendary BCS*Mac ~~ the Apple Macintosh User Group of The Boston Computer Society. By the late 80s, Jack, and his team of passionate Macintosh early-adopters, had built BCS*Mac into the largest Macintosh User Group in the world.

In the late 80s Jack moved to Silicon Valley where he worked for Apple Computer. While at Apple he helped create some of the very first software products to be a delivered exclusively on CDROM, including "E.T.O.", and the "Bluenote" document reader, a predecessor to Adobe Acrobat. Later, he was part of Apple's "Software Dispatch" venture, which was one of the earliest software e-commerce businesses.

A 20+ year veteran of the computer industry, Jack has worked in virtually every aspect of that business, from training to writing to web development to marketing to programming to event management.

In the mid 90s Jack left Apple to work in the live-events industry, as a theatrical stage manager, and as a community & corporate special-events producer. He stage-managed seven theatrical shows, including the world-premiere, original musical Honor Song For Crazy Horse. His special events clients have included America Online, Netscape Communications, The Wings of History Air Museum, IDG, Apple Computer, Pro Portsmouth (NH), the City of Palo Alto (CA), CREST Technologies and Mariette Systems Inc.

Since 2006 Jack has spent a large part of his time working as a special events technician. Supporting conference, tradeshow, and training clients who need specialized, temporary, computer & networking installations.

Jack is a past Board Member of the Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth NH.

Jack is also a licensed private pilot. He writes about the people and places of aviation in his column "Around the Field", and he is the producer & host of the popular aviation podcast "Uncontrolled Airspace".

Today, Jack is a busy writer, digital-media producer and event producer. He's the General Manager of DA4 Media, a digital-media production & publishing company.

Jack lives "high-atop Lookout Point" in southern New Hampshire.


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