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2004 Columns

Aug 2 -- Newlyweds, a cyber fly-in, first-person history, and the second hundred years
Aug 1 -- The Aeronca guys from Barnhart Memorial, flying Kitfoxes and 767s, and volunteers are like dolphins
July 31 --
July 30 -- Award-winning Navions, new friends, and making the hair stand up on the back of your neck
July 29 -- An EAA old-timer, an LSU fan, and the boys from Nebraska
July 28 -- A flight of one, and an investment in the future
July 27 -- Two famous bikers, and a father & son from Wichita
July 26 -- A two-plane family, two bikers, and a long-distance traveler

2003 Columns

Aug 4 -- Oshkosh Friends.
Aug 3 -- Distant friends who meet at AirVenture, and residents of the last row.
Aug 2 -- Waco fans, and a gang from Slobovia Outernational.
Aug 1 -- Airventure visitors, young and old, from near and far.
July 31 -- Nighthawk pilot, planewatching, and the other woman.
July 30 -- Hanging Out in the North Forty.
July 29 -- RV enhancements, bagpipers, and the world's greatest boss.
July 28 -- Return to flying, homebuilding on a boat, and an interesting Acroduster.

2002 Columns

July 29 -- Distant parking and distant visitors.
July 28 -- Airplanes everywhere, the other place with mud, and my first time.
July 27 -- Repeat visitors, and unintentional ones.
July 26 -- Enthusiastic Views of EAA AirVenture Past and Present.
July 25 -- More Trailblazers, Gary the Tool Guy, and Breakfast by the Ultralights
July 24 -- Favorite North Forty Parking Spots
July 23 -- Lightning Flashes, Pink Panthers, and a Lone Star Flag.
July 22 -- First-Timers, Old-Timers, and Repeat Arrivals

2001 Columns

July 30 -- Fresh Baked Donuts a Favorite AirVenture Tradition.
July 30 --
July 29 -- The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.
July 28 -- Their Mascot is Gumbo the Squirrel
July 27 -- Old-timers and Newcomers at AirVenture Oshkosh 2001
July 26 --
July 25 -- Tents, Generators, Crosswind Landings, and his Little Pilot Girl.
July 24 --
July 23 -- Volunteers Prepare for AirVenture Oshkosh 2001

2000 Columns
Column name changed to "Around the Field"

July 31 -- Life is quiet down on the South Forty
July 30 -- Ultralights Judged by AirVenture's Exacting Standards
July 29 -- The Dodge Boys Are In Town
July 28 -- All Sorts of Birds Here at AirVenture
July 27 -- AirVenture 2000 Attendees Come From Far and Near
July 26 -- New and Old Friends Get Reacquainted at AirVenture Oshkosh 2000
July 25 -- Earlybirds Gather for AirVenture Oshkosh 2000

1999 Columns
Published under the title "Touch and Go"

Not posted yet. Real soon now.

1998 Columns
Published under the title "Touch and Go"

Aug 3 -- Breezy Rides... A David and Goliath thing... More than just a gate guard.
Aug 2 -- Warbird Ground... The Donut Man... An Intrepid Airman... The Champ Incident.
Aug 1 -- Audio Archives... legendary EAA member... regional fly-ins... WWII Medal of Honor winner.
July 31 -- Bax to Miss EAA AirVenture '98
July 31 -- Jenny's Forum Tent... Computer-based judging... Changes everywhere... California Burger... Ornithopter & Vintage Engines.
July 30 -- Teams: Doug & Lynn, Karen and Michelle... Dornink International... Roy and Roy... Runway 18L... Tiger Moth for Dad.
July 29 -- Long-long cross country, "Dame Milkstool", "Thunder Chicken".
July 28 -- Early arrivers, friendly competitors, annual reunions, Finish High School girls, and sunset at Pioneer Airport.